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Simbavati Spa

To pay homage to our unparalleled cultural heritage, we bring you traditional African massages. Indulge in a selection of our country’s authentic and traditional massage techniques with our highly skilled and trained African therapists who will relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. Treatments can also be booked for couples.

Simbavati Spa Treatments

Rejuvenation Herbal Oil Massage

Full Body Treatment
You may choose from a range of Africology® aromatherapy infused massage oils, which are warmly applied and massaged deeply onto the body. This therapy is for relaxation as well as combatting tension in stiff, aching bodies. Your therapist will assist you in choosing the oil best suited for you from one of the following blends: Relaxing, Energising, Skin Conditioning and Vetiver.
60 min: R 900
90 min: R 1 100

Majestic Awakening

Back, Neck, Shoulders & Head
The treatment is a perfect way to rest and relax. Starting at the feet, working all pressure points connected to the rest of the body, it leads up to the back, neck and shoulders. This specialised treatment will ease tension and stress through touch and aromatherapy.
30 min: R 350
60 min: R 600

Foot Massage

This foot treatment concentrates on the delicate areas of the feet, back, neck and shoulders. The therapist uses natural techniques of pressure points derived from traditional African medicine to stimulate and balance the body.
30 minutes: Feet and up to the knee sitting on a chair: R350
60 minutes: Foot and full leg done lying down: R600

Hot Stone Massage

While providing additional pressure, the stones infuse muscles with warmth while easing up knots of tension and help rejuvenate the body. Oils are chosen by the therapist best suited for your skin with added hydrating properties.
60 min: R 650
90 min: R 850

Intonga Amasatchi®

Full Body Treatment
Intonga Amasatchi® is a deep tissue and stress-relieving treatment. Skilful movements are performed with the hands, and differently sized wooden sticks are used to stretch tight muscles and ease toxic overload from daily stress.
Symbolically, the stick or staff represented wisdom and direction to the healer. Created from yellow wood, the traditional healer knew that the energy of earth was a valuable tool.
75 min: R800

African Yoga Treatment

Full Body Treatment
Inspired by traditional yoga movements, this massage works effectively with body re-alignments of the spine by performing stretching movements. This allows for more free flow of energy whilst gentle pressure is applied to specific areas. This treatment is performed on a specially designed floor mattress. Dressed in a light weight suit, the massage is done in the absence of oil but client may request oil to be used on the back.
60 min: R650
90 min: R800

Africology® Manicure and Pedicure

For a beautiful relief from the high-energy nature of everyday life, join us for an experience with a difference. Your hands or feet will be massaged, your nails shaped and your skin richly hydrated with our all-natural products designed to undo environmental damage to your skin.
Manicure 60 min: R 350
Pedicure 60 min: R 400
French R 100 extra

African Wrap

Body Scrub and wrap.
60 min: R1 200

Rates are subject to change without prior notice
Please report to the Spa 10 minutes prior to your massage.